Hachiban Ramen, No.8 Ramen

Hachiban Ramen or Ramen number 8 shop was originated its first branch in 1967 (BE 2510) on highway 8 Kaga, Ishikawa, Japan by Mr. Choji Goto,. It was opening as small shop, counter style and selling only a few types of Ramen but the taste of the soup is very intense with soft sticky noodles, making Japanese people like it and become a popular ramen shop successively. There were customers queuing to eat in long lines every day and used to create a record sale of up to 1,300 bowls in a single day. Now there are more than 100 branches in Japan.


Origin of No.8 Ramen

"Hachiban Ramen", was named after Highway 8. And the word “Hachiban” means Arabic number 8 which represents 2 auspicious things.

  • Firstly

    When looking 8 vertically, it looks like a daruma doll which represents stability

  • Secondly

    When looking at 8 horizontally, it looks like an infinity sign. Therefore, the symbol number 8 is analogous to the stability of quality and good service and readiness to improve to give the best to customers infinitely.


First step of "Hachiban Ramen" Thailand

“Hachiban Ramen” was established in Thailand on 25 October 1991, the pioneer of Thai Hachiban Co., Ltd. He’s fond of the flavor of Hachiban Ramen, Japan. So he joint investment with Hachiban Ramen in Japan to open the first location at "Silom Complex" shopping center, offering Japanese ramen at an affordable price with the best carefully selected ingredients for Thai customers to enjoy the authentic and delicious ramen with the unique “Hachikama” or fish ball with design number 8 in each bowl. Many new menus have been created to satisfy Thai people’s palate.


More than 30 years, "Hachiban Ramen" Thailand

For more than 30 years, “Hachiban Ramen Thailand” has been striving continually to improve and provide the best quality and taste to win and maintain the hearts of Thai customers. We are ready to expand to serve more customers' demands. To date, Hachiban Ramen has more than 150 branches nationwide, its vicinity and other provinces. This can be considered yet another achievement for Hachiban Ramen Thailand