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   This cookies policy describes the meaning, type, characteristics of cookies usage, and cookies storage period of website of Thai – Hachiban Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Company”). This website uses cookies to help the Company website perform correctly, display content and advertisement corresponding to user interest, and offers the best content for user of the Company website. If you use the website without changing any settings, the Company considers that you accept the website cookies and our policy on right to privacy.

   This website uses cookies to distinguish your style of website usage from others which help you gain good experience from using website and assist us in improving website quality, including to offer or render proper service for you.

1. What are cookies?

   Cookies are text files stored from your web browser by the website you visit. Cookies files are installed or recorded on your computer or electronics equipment when you visit website. Cookies remember information about website usage and help your next visit be easier and service is more useful.

2. Cookies usage

   2.1 To study your behavior of website usage in order to improve for easier, faster and more effective usage.

   2.2 To know usage style and website usage history, information or service you are interested for analysis and improvement of service, content, advertisement or publication of suitable activity or service corresponding to your interest to increase your satisfaction.

   2.3 To display advertisement on the Company website or manage the Company advertisement on other websites. Websites of the Company’s partners may use technology like cookies to collect information about your activity on this website and others to display advertisement according to your activity and interest.

3. Types of cookies used by the Company

   The Company website uses the following cookies:

   3.1 Necessary cookies: These cookies are necessary for website performance, including the cookies which help you safely access information and use the Company website, manage network, access information, and use all parts of the Company website.

   3.2 Preferences cookies: These cookies are used to remember your preference and selection when you revisit the website which helps the Company track or display your selected content or usage such as language or region or font size that you choose for using website.

4. Cookies management

   Although most internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, they allow you to change settings to block cookies or remind you when cookies are sent to your device. Besides, you may reject, accept or remove cookies from website at any time by turning on or setting your browser. The steps of turning on or turning off or removing cookies can be seen on website of your internet browser at Help Screen.

   Please note that if you turn off or remove cookies, some website characteristics may not work according to purpose, for example, you cannot visit some parts of website or you may not get tailored information when you visit website.

   If you use different device to visit website (such as computer, smartphone, tablet), you may set browser of each device to be in line with your cookie preferences.

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